Sifting Through the Noise

The last several months have been challenging for most of us.  Juggling home, work and school priorities in new ways against a backdrop of continued stresses around COVID 19, a looming election, and concerns around social justice have created a difficult landscape for communicating organizational messages and making sure they are heard.  Despite the drastic changes to our everyday lives, we still maintain some rituals and observe or adjust seasonal holidays and traditions. 

Karla L. Miller recently wrote about the current state of affairs in the Washington Post.  She cited Brigid Schulte’s book “Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time” and describes what she calls “time confetti”— where blocks of productive time are fragmented and disrupted by the overlapping demands of work, family and the effort required to manage it all.  I thought this was an apt description and resonated with me.  It reminds me of the adage that compares our attention span to less than a goldfish of 7 seconds.  It’s most likely less now.  We are overloaded with information and new things to learn. 

Sharing new information should be done with care for our overloaded readers.  Take this time to evaluate what messages you need to prioritize and determine the best channels to use.  Need help with that?  Let me know.

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